RundumGesund-App der VKB – Submit as a customer of your VKBHealth insurance documents digitally a.

RundumGesund-App der VKB

Submit as a customer of your VKBHealth insurance documents digitally a.

RundumGesund-App der VKB screenshot 0RundumGesund-App der VKB screenshot 1RundumGesund-App der VKB screenshot 2RundumGesund-App der VKB screenshot 3RundumGesund-App der VKB screenshot 4

Around Healthy

Submit as a customer Versicherungskammer Bayern (VKB) an all medical bills and prescriptions for free with the “all-round healthy” app and read on the way our digital health magazine.

With the new photo feature all health insurance customers of VKB can now also submit medical bills without barcodes, recipes, regulations and transfers using the “all-round healthy” app. For this photograph, and send us your documents easily with the app. Quick convenient and safe!

Medical bills with corresponding barcodes Alternatively, you can continue to submit on the Barcode function. On Barcode Service now part almost 50,000 doctors in Germany – and rising.

With the complex encryption system enables us to ensure the secure transmission of your data.

Other novelty: Password protection
In addition, Take the opportunity to secure the app with a password. So unauthorized third parties do not have access to the app and all data stored there – for example in case of loss of smartphones. Your personal password, you can right at the beginning to set up during the registration.

Your benefits:
– Submit all records: medical bills, with or without barcodes, recipes, regulations, transfers or cost estimates etc. can be photographed with the app and submitted.
– News: You will receive ongoing status reports on the processing status.
– Secure: The encrypted transmission and password protect your data.
– Convenient: Save yourself the trip to the mailbox and postage.
– Fast: Thanks to electronic transmission are your receipts with us earlier in the processing.
– Informative: Free Health Magazine

Features at a glance:
– Photo function
– Barcode function
– Password protection
– Digital Health Magazine

The app can be used in principle on all smartphones and tablets with Android operating system version 4.1. For the photo feature a camera with at least 8 megapixels is required.

The app works only with an internet connection in full.

If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us:

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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