hypo@mobile – Whether account balance, revenues, transfer – Hypo Tirol Bank is always with you.


Whether account balance, revenues, transfer – Hypo Tirol Bank is always with you.

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Whether balance, revenue transfer or News – Hypo Tirol Bank you every time. No matter where you are just.

With hypo @ mobile you do your banking transactions conveniently from your phone. Our app offers full proper functionality for maximum comfort.

The right choice for those who lead a mobile, active lifestyle or put on maximum flexibility value. hypo @ mobile is ideal if they have just no Hypo Tirol office and no computer nearby, or it just has to be fast.

hypo @ mobile is therefore the perfect complement to all of our comprehensive services:

• Comprehensive cost control with financial overview, sales details, account movements, transfers, contracts etc.
• Contact & Emergency Service: Quick access to the most important telephone numbers (Service Center, card blocking etc.)
• Changing Machine Currency Converter
• Interesting information about Hypo Tirol products, events and tips about your money
• Modern Layout
• Special alignment of func Onen and services to meet the needs for use on the road and in between


• Existing Hypo Tirol Bank account credentials for hypo @ mobile
• hypo @ mobile activation – you can find more information under hypotirol.com/mobile
• From Android version 2.3.x


Our understanding of safety, the protection of your data from unauthorized reading and unauthorized access, and unauthorized transactions. To achieve this goal, we have a variety of measures set, ensuring the protection of your data during transfer and the protection of your data in Hypo data center, such as

• The app communicates via direct, encrypted interfaces with the Hypo data center, thus ensuring a more secure data transfer to current safety standards
• All data is stored encrypted
• access to hypo @ mobile is protected by the access you have chosen
• Autolock function: hypo @ mobile is terminated after 15 minutes of interaction


• There are only supported accounts of Hypo Tirol Bank.
• A time delay in an account update is possible.
• The use of hypo @ is only possible with the corresponding access mobile.
• When using hypo @ mobile may cause costs to your phone provider. Please inform yourself in advance about these costs.

In case of problems:

Please call in case of problems with the installation dor using hypo @ mobile in our servcie Center (Monday to Thursday 7:45 to 16:45 and Friday 7:45 to 15:30) at tel: +43 50700800 or 1 E- mail service@hypotirol.com. Our service center nearest you.

For more information, see hypotirol.com/mobile

See more information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/finance


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