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Homily Chart

Browse Multi-market Stock Quotes and News

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HomilyChart Description:
Homily software came into the world in August 8, 1998 when China stock market and information technology were in the ascendant. Its investment philosophy — Index, first; stock, next. Long-term, first; short-term, next. Operate the Familiar. — is derived from America capital market, and has been proved correct and valuable in the capital market of China, Singapore , Malaysia, etc. It takes technical analysis and trend theory as product core, and provides analytical softwares, training courses, etc. We believe that a winner in the stock market should be equipped with right method, professional tool and nice mindset.

Handheld Homily Software is:
A concentrated version which has 14 years experience and intelligence;
An updated version based on Homily analysis and dynamic quotation data;
A simplified version which combines classical technical analysis, decision making system and portfolio management.

Its main functions are:
Stock market data view;
Index and sector analysis;
Intraday chart of Index and individual stocks;
Candlestick chart of general periods;
Technical analysis indicators (including general indicators: KDJ, MACD, etc; as well as Homily proprietary functions: Homily Rainbow, Multicolor Dragon, Red & White Circle, etc.

Handheld Homily Software aims to meet Singaporean investors’ demands by improving R&D and updating level. If you have new ideas and demands, please let us know through Review in App Store; we will customize more excellent investment tools for you.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/finance


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