HMC투자증권 The H Tablet – HMC Investment Securities HTS is a new concept that combines a powerful, user-friendly UI / UX of the content of the tablet is with MTS Trading System.

HMC투자증권 The H Tablet

HMC Investment Securities HTS is a new concept that combines a powerful, user-friendly UI / UX of the content of the tablet is with MTS Trading System.

HMC투자증권 The H Tablet screenshot 0HMC투자증권 The H Tablet screenshot 1HMC투자증권 The H Tablet screenshot 2HMC투자증권 The H Tablet screenshot 3HMC투자증권 The H Tablet screenshot 4

– HMC Investment Securities powerful HTS (The H Solution) combines content and UI / UX is optimized for Tablet Ultimate Stock Trading tablet apps !!!
  1. Features
     1) HTS levels of various content providers (bonds, futures and options, funds, ELS / DLS subscription, CMA / RP, etc.)
     2) Current-spread view of the need to provide information and features Read More
     3) The H Tablet Home – Provides the ability to configure settings with the information you need
     4) Alert Function – The leading index, stocks quotes and simple reports / news and expert-level indicator / Trend Alert, HMC Daily Report Alerts provide
     5) General Banking enhancement and a powerful balance of screen
     6) Watch list lock screen, the notification window Sissy jehoe-interest stocks that do not have access to the app to view the screen in jamgum
     8) Watch list? Available for viewing at the same time from the call list of favorite stocks, and additional information required for CP switchable, multi-interest stocks offer
     9) multi-chart – provides up to 4 multi-chart comparison is possible to stocks
     10) My Menu Configuration feature? Often used to configure the preferred menu in my menu always guarantees a short travel path
     11) history? Was used as a screen capture showing the list by giving enhancing the user perception
     12) Sell / Buy-layer order is executed immediately on any screen
  2. Highlights
 1) Apply the latest design trends and high readability
   – Improve the latest design teuraendeuin Flat design allows neat, readable font size compared to other company’s existing Tablet Enlarge
2) HTS level provided content
   – Stocks, ELW, ETF, futures and options, bonds, funds, ELS / DLS, subscription fee, subscription to the IPO microfinance loan commitments HTS level of service is available.
3) simplify the configuration process of moving through an effective screen
   – Configuration screen to focus on content, Main Content, any screen in the layer order and fast moving events that interest immediately
   -Side information shortcut (counseling, setting, certification, etc.) to ensure easy movement process
 4) User Configuration screen
    The user decides to make My quotes, MY Menu
    The H Tablet Home I only choose the information you want to configure
5) Select and set in motion and action results based on your disposition
    If you specify a two-finger sweep down to the current value function screen, sweep your fingers get off without clicking on any screen position
    The current value screen appears.
6) becomes a convenient feature HTS enhanced level of banking services
   Existing variants as well as booking transfers, debit, debit such funds offer a wide range of banking services
7) security
   Withdrawal International trade off, time banking registration, withdrawal transaction Media Limited, deposit accounts, authorized service, fraud prevention devices to a designated service
   Security technology to ensure your safety
8) into account and password save feature improves usability
   Please click on the account password at login passwords stored per input, and do not need to re-enter this now more user-friendly.

The H Tablet If you have any further questions related to the customer center (☎ 1588-6655) will guide you kindly please contact us.

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