TGestor Controle Financeiro – Organize your financial life with the new TGestor app.

TGestor Controle Financeiro

Organize your financial life with the new TGestor app.

TGestor Controle Financeiro screenshot 0TGestor Controle Financeiro screenshot 1TGestor Controle Financeiro screenshot 2TGestor Controle Financeiro screenshot 3TGestor Controle Financeiro screenshot 4TGestor Controle Financeiro screenshot 5

In addition to the application provide a daily and monthly control, you can export all your records via email in xls format (Excel), or save them on Google Drive.

  Stay informed the maturity of their accounts (daily, monthly and yearly) receiving notifications prior to expiration.

  You can also save your invoices with the Scanner module of invoices, also may be sent by
email or Google Drive.


*** Modules TGestor ***

– Monthly goals Planning.
– Graphic on the home screen of expenditures and accounts held daily.
– Control of daily expenses.
– Control of monthly bills and installments expenses.
– Export all your expenses, bills and goals for a xls spreadsheet (Excel).
– Sending spreadsheets xls by email or Google Drive.
– Scanner invoices for viewing and e-mailing or Google Drive.
– Accounts due notification
– All your information may be exported to .xls (Excel) for free.
– All your data is saved and can be recovered in the event of loss or theft of the device.

   The TGestor is being improved every day to better serve all users, so we created a community where everyone can tell their experiences with the application.

Come and Enjoy the new fanpage TGestor

Subscribe to the community TGestor:

  For a better experience with TGestor, has the habit of throw all your daily expenses and monthly bills, not forgetting also to scan all your invoices to a real financial control.

You will now have financial control of all your spending totally free.

Download apk file for android:


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