Make’em Earn it Donate – This is a different take on a Tip Calculator

Make'em Earn it Donate

This is a different take on a Tip Calculator

Make'em Earn it Donate screenshot 0Make'em Earn it Donate screenshot 1

This is a tip calculator that is based on a popular sitcom episode where the character comes up with a new tipping system.

For everything the waiter does right, he adds $1 to the tip. For everything they do wrong, he subtracts a dollar from the tip.

You can set the default starting percentage and the up/down rate (how much gets added or subtracted to the total tip percentage) the default starting rate is 15% with an up/down rate of .3%. If the waiter/waitress does something right you press the “Good” button and the total tip percentage will go up by the up/down rate. if they do something wrong and you press the button then their tip percentage falls

When you get the bill, enter in the amount and hit the calculate button. The app will show you the total tip amount as well as the total for the bill including the tip.

This was done in pure fun plus I’m still learning Android app development and in my travels I have come across so many Tip Calculator examples in tutorials so I wanted to do something a bit different

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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