Dh-Mobilni – Safe, quick, easy to perform banking services through mobile bank Dh-Mobile.


Safe, quick, easy to perform banking services through mobile bank Dh-Mobile.

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Safe, fast and easy to perform banking services with your mobile Saving Bank Workers – DH-Mobile.

User-friendly design of mobile applications DH-Mobile, which is available to all customers Saving allows you banking services done more quickly, anywhere and anytime.

In one place, you can:
• monitor the business on your personal or. business accounts, savings accounts, annuity deposits and loans,
• monitor the traffic and consumption on debit and credit cards,
• enforce payment by functionality “Capture and pay” entry UPN order and internal transfers
• preparing payment orders using the saved templates payments from electronic banking,
• monitor the queue and archive payments
• exercising currency exchange,
• an overview of the current exchange rate list,
• receive notification feeders,
• have an overview of all ATMs and ATMs in your area,
• have an overview of all offices and locations in your area,
• and more.

By incorporating the latest security mechanisms – the encryption of data transmission, access to the application with a username and password entry, which is known only to you automatically log out the opt authentication token to a programming that caters to the unique time-bound secret keys, etc. your use of the applications more secure. Most can for the safety of operations yourself to worry about controlled access to your phone and passwords anywhere you are recording, and you do not give to others. It is also advised not to use the application on phones that have been upgraded with a non-licensed operating system and have consequently enabled root access to the system.

Mobile application Dh-Mobile is available throughout the year, even outside working hours feeders. No more need to walk into a savings or to log in to online bank for common banking chores. All this you can edit using a mobile bank Dh-Mobile and also save your valuable time.

Installing applications
The app on your mobile device installation from Google Play or. Apple Store.

Approach the service mobile banks
Data for the activation of services of mobile banks Dh-Mobile you edit it via electronic bank DH or Personal. your nearest branch.

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/finance


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