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Money Magazine

How To Save Money

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Why Money Magazine?

Money Magazine, is a textbook for money management. Ironically ,Money Management is not taught by our so called “Education System” yet we go through it every day. Indian education system is designed to curb your creativity, kill everything your passionate about, loot your money even before you start earning and throw you into the world without even teaching, how to get any profit out of the investment which you made in the so called “Education”.

Money Magazine is a door-way to your financial freedom. Money Magazine consists of set of articles that will help a common man achieve his financial freedom through systematic planning , right from the day he starts earning. The articles in Money Magazine are written keeping middle class people in mind .It will help them to break the barrier between middle and high class people with respect to financial freedom. The articles present here are from my own experience and from what I have come across in my life.

I am not a qualified financial expert .But, I am one of those middle class person who wants to break the barrier of middle and high class economic barrier .I am doing this so that I can help people who are in my position and want to break the barrier as well. Hence the blog and the application.

The App Contains the following Features :
Money Mag – Home Page for the latest posts.
Index – Contains all the post titles .
Download – Has the Links for the Downloads.
Report Broken Links

All links, comments and videos are for reference. We do not promote or recommend any of these.

Watch and learn.

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