Cálculo Trabalhista – Calculate the rescission of his employment contract so SIMPLE and FAST.

Cálculo Trabalhista

Calculate the rescission of his employment contract so SIMPLE and FAST.

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There are many questions about what are the amounts due on termination of the employment contract, particularly where the amount to be paid, here you can calculate the estimated value of salaries and discounts resulting from the termination of relations agreed work via CLT contract (Consolidation of Labor Laws).
You can also refer to the tables of the main labor discounts.

* What you need to know to calculate employment contract termination

This situation happens in the lives of many people: the subject, or the company where he works, comes to the conclusion that should terminate their current employment relationship. If you are reading this, you are probably going through this situation right now. It may be that the company has dismissed him. It may be that you would go to this better. In any case, it is very common to have questions about your rights and what kind of compensation you will have the contract termination.


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