Bolletta Mobile Cashier – Convert any Android device into a secure point-of-sale system

Bolletta Mobile Cashier

Convert any Android device into a secure point-of-sale system

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Bolletta Mobile Cashier is a solution designed and developed by Heartland Payment Systems, Inc., to provide merchants with the ability to convert any iPad, when connected to the Internet, into a secure point-of-sale system.
Bolletta Mobile Cashier gives your office staff the capability of taking credit card and pin-less debit card payments quickly, easily and conveniently. It can be used to process any type of bill payments you collect. For painless recording and bookkeeping, Bolletta Cashier integrates with many Accounts Receivable systems.
To further streamline the payment collection process, combine Bolletta Mobile Cashier with a Bluetooth card swipe device and printer. Swiping a card helps to avoid the hassles and errors of manual entry and will also speed-up the payment process. The mobile printer enables staff to provide your customers with a printed receipt.
Features and Benefits
• Quickly process in-office credit and pin-less debit card payments
• Next business day funding available
• Industry best security through Heartland’s secure network
• PCI-DSS Level 1 certified
• Simple end-of-day reporting
• Role-based employee features
• Payment void and refund functionality
• Secure online access to full transaction reporting
• Multiple funds settlement accounts available
• No “middleman” transaction processing fees

As one of the largest payment processors in the U.S., Heartland provides you with system security and reliability that is second to none. In 2012, our Level 1 PCI certified payments platform processed more than 3 billion transactions and $120 billion in volume.

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