Mémo Job Finance – Flash Point sheets on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Mémo Job Finance

Flash Point sheets on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Mémo Job Finance screenshot 0Mémo Job Finance screenshot 1Mémo Job Finance screenshot 2Mémo Job Finance screenshot 3Mémo Job Finance screenshot 4Mémo Job Finance screenshot 5Mémo Job Finance screenshot 6Mémo Job Finance screenshot 7Mémo Job Finance screenshot 8Mémo Job Finance screenshot 9Mémo Job Finance screenshot 10Mémo Job Finance screenshot 11Mémo Job Finance screenshot 12

Find the sheets Flash Point and Basic’Job collections on your smartphone or Android tablet.
Access to reliable information for professionals in banking, wealth management and insurance through a simple and effective application.
Get a clear and attractive navigation.
Get periodic updates.

A choice of more than 80 fact sheets is offered.

The memo record of the advisor in the bank and insurance is offered at the application download.
You can then choose to make your forms library or buy all the sheets.

– Rates plugs for unit: 3.59 € 6.99 €
– Price of the entirety of records: € 79.99


The collection of sheets Flash Point:

Memo of bank and insurance advisor
(available from the download page of the application)

Taxation: individuals, professionals and businesses, rental income, wealth, etc.

Savings: Savings bank products, securities and stock exchange, employee savings, etc.

Insurance: life insurance, property and casualty, funeral, addiction, complementary health, GAV, PERP, Madelin Act, etc.

Account, payment and credit means: the bank account, payment methods, credit, collateral, etc.

Bank regulation: the French banking system, the fight against money laundering, regulation of canvassing and sales, ethics and responsibility of the banker, prudential ratios, etc.

Family: family heritage – Matrimonial property regimes, inheritance and gifts, PACS, pensions, asset management, etc.

Undertaking and association: individual entrepreneurs and self-entrepreneurs, corporations, professionals, Société Civile Immobilière, agricultural enterprises, associations, economic and financial diagnosis of the company, corporate recovery, international trade, etc.

Sales and training: selling face-to-face training animation, recommendation and sponsorship, making appointments by telephone prospecting maintenance, customer reception face to face, by telephone customer relationship.

Detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/finance


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