Bills to Go – Track your bills in realtime and split them with others both evenly or unevenly!

Bills to Go

Track your bills in realtime and split them with others both evenly or unevenly!

Bills to Go screenshot 0Bills to Go screenshot 1Bills to Go screenshot 2Bills to Go screenshot 3Bills to Go screenshot 4Bills to Go screenshot 5Bills to Go screenshot 6

Bills to Go is basically a Bill splitter and bill manager. It allows you to keep track and monitor your bills. This application helps avoid the hassle of, first, having to recheck the bill, and second, having to manually split it among your friends based on their corresponding orders. Furthermore, you can build the bill realtime.

There are two types of bills.

The Simple bill is used when only one person will be paying for the bill. The Simple bill also comes with a quick split functionality wherein the amount is split evenly into a fixed number of people.

The split bill is used when the bill will be split and shared among several people. This allows selection of which people will be sharing which particular items and the share of each person is automatically calculated!

When a bill is created, it appears in the active bills section. When a bill is in this section, you can continue to add items, people etc. to it. After billout, there is an option to archive your bills for future reference! Archived bills are no longer editable.

Features Include:
– Easily view current bill items and running bill totals and people shares
– Easily add/remove items to a bill
– Easily add/subtract quantity to an existing bill item
– Easily select which people share which items and the share for each person is automatically calculated
– Easily add/remove people to split bills
– Easily view which person shares which items and which items are shared by which people
– Archive bills for future reference!

bills archive bill splitter active bills restaurant bills split bill manager share bills divide bills

Download apk file for android:


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