Kid Bank – Kid Bank makes it easy to help your kids learn to use their own spending money.

Kid Bank

Kid Bank makes it easy to help your kids learn to use their own spending money.

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Do your kids get an allowance? Are they always saying “I want” at the store? Kid Bank makes it easy.

— Provides spending history
— Shares information across Android and iOS devices
— Allows editing of transactions (thanks for the comment!)
— Automatically applies a weekly or monthly allowance, adjustable for each account
— Build healthy habits by optionally earmarking part of their weekly allowance to savings and/or giving
— Keeps your accounts child-proof by requiring a parent password for adding money or setting up an allowance.
— You can use the sync to back up your data to the cloud.

Unlike other virtual wallets, Kid Bank keeps your information safe on your phone and does not access the internet unless you want to share with other devices. Setup is simple, there are no web sites to sign up for, and you won’t get any junk mail.

I wrote this app to help teach my 3 kids about handling money, and it has proven very valuable. It is my sincere hope that this app builds both financial awareness in your children and peace in your heart and wallet. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Thanks again for your support.

See more information and download apk file for android:


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