ICS Karten – With the ICS app you are always in control of your ICS credit card!

ICS Karten

With the ICS app you are always in control of your ICS credit card!

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• You can only activate the ICS app, if you have registered in meinICS. You are not registered in meinICS? Then please go to our website icscards_de to register in meinICS. Note: This only applies to the holder of the main card. As a holder of partner card you can activate the ICS app immediately without being registered in meinICS.

Download the free app for smartphones and tablets and get the following benefits:
• Current survey of your credit card transactions and your current credit limit.
• Create an E-Code with your ICS App. You need this for secure online payments with Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode.
• The nearest ATM in your area.
• Also a partner card holders can activate app to take advantage of the ICS.

How do I activate the ICS app?

To activate the app, you will need your credit card ICS and access your e-mail inbox. We will send an activation code to the registered in your e-mail address of the principal cardholder. Then select the ICS app a five-digit access code.


The ICS app was developed by ICS in accordance with the strictest safety standards. In addition, this app is very safe, as it can only be accessed via an access code you have selected.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: goo.gl/PgtHZ4


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