Optimisation du Revenu – Optimization of Income, Expenses & social contributions and income tax.

Optimisation du Revenu

Optimization of Income, Expenses & social contributions and income tax.

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This application is the essential tool for independent managers and individual companies to maximize revenue by lowering one hand payroll taxes, and secondly, the tax on the tax household income, it allows:
• Optimize the financial income of a worker No Employee (TNS) or a manager of a business individual, proposing two optimization methods ” Net income ”, ” Retirement Income ” integrating specificities and the constitution of the tax household.
• Estimate of expenses and social security contributions (CIPAV, URSSAF …) the company depending on the desired income.
• Detailed Display of calculated social charges.
• Simulations (over 40 years) of pension contributions and calculating income for retirement as the cumulative points.
• Saving and displaying expenditures and revenues of the company.
• Estimated Tax on the income of a tax household.

Net Revenue Optimization:
Optimizing Revenue Net allows the TNS estimate its maximum and optimum annual income while minimizing costs, social security contributions and income tax from his tax household.

Optimization of Revenue Retirement:
This method allows the TNS optimize its pension contributions for optimum and maximum income at retirement.

Sample Optimization:
Individual business capital of € 1000, turnover € 120,000, 10% of operating costs.
The manager is married and has two children.
The wife of the manager has an income of € 40,000 and chose a 10% reduction for the calculation of income tax.

Optimization method Result Net Revenue:
Net income of the tax household: 101 € 937.00 / year
Income Retirement: 1 € 492.93 / month

Result Optimization method of Revenue Retirement:
Net income of the tax household: 99 € 494.00 / year
Income Retirement: 3 € 106.53 / month

Both methods of tax optimization, consider their calculations:
• The company’s characteristics (Capital …)
• Total annual affair and the company’s operating expenses.
• The constitution of the tax household and additional household income.

They have once performed the optimization:
• Details of contributions to the various agencies of the state (CIPAV, URSSAF ..).
• The details of the calculation of income tax
• Details of the simulation (over 40 years) accumulated pension points, and retirement income.

Estimated charges and social contributions:
This feature allows the calculation according to the desired annual income (free entry) by TNS, payroll taxes and contributions payable to the different bodies of the state.

Tax estimate on income:
This feature allows calculation of the constitution of tax household income and overall tax revenue.
A simulation (+/- 10% of income) is displayed for a comparison of changes in income tax in case of increase or decrease of 10% of TNS income.

See more information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/finance


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