SBI 스마트뱅킹 – My hope is SBI smart banking financial partner.

SBI 스마트뱅킹

My hope is SBI smart banking financial partner.

SBI 스마트뱅킹 screenshot 0SBI 스마트뱅킹 screenshot 1SBI 스마트뱅킹 screenshot 2SBI 스마트뱅킹 screenshot 3

SBI Savings Bank’s “Smart Banking” anytime, anywhere through a variety of services available quickly and easily.

* “Smart Banking” service in

One. Deposit / transfer
– Savings account inquiries, transaction history inquiry, immediately transfer, transfer query results

Two. Loans
– Loan account inquiry, transaction history inquiry, and inquiry will be paid

Three. Deposits Product Information / New
– Deposit geochisik Product Information / new, installment savings Product Information / New

Four. Termination products
– Item termination, revocation Products Status Inquiry

5. Rate Information
– Time deposits, regular gold, interest rates and interest cover bills lookup

6. Check Card
– Use historical inquiry

7. Customer Service
– Direct call, branches, accident report (account / seal), incident reporting (check card), service termination

Eight. Certificate Center
– Import a certificate, certificate management

* More secure and convenient “smart banking” security system
One. Certificate, security programs, such as the virtual keyboard is equipped with a
Two. Encrypting all of the transaction information

“Smart Banking” through continuous updates of the guests at the service more convenient and secure, so we are available.

※ any user to modify (eg, escape, routing, etc.) from the terminal and release any modifications (routing) on ​​the use of smart devices sold in the state is not allowed.

Thank you.

See more information and download apk file for android:


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