SBI 스마트론 – My hope Finance partner Ron SBI Smart.

SBI 스마트론

My hope Finance partner Ron SBI Smart.

SBI 스마트론 screenshot 0SBI 스마트론 screenshot 1SBI 스마트론 screenshot 2SBI 스마트론 screenshot 3

SBI savings bank dedicated smartphone application is “smart theory”

* Lower interest rates through a “smart theory”, the higher limit, you can use the Babylon goods generously lending period

Also secure loans available that do not affect the creditworthiness query, simple, secure fast loan application, various lookup services relating to loans (loan information, transaction history) is available

* “Smart theory” Services

1. Introduction Product

 – Speed ​​Theory / workers / top class professionals / housewives Ron / call bank / additional loan

2. Possible loan inquiry

 – Loan Lookup speed record does leave Ron / workers / Top class loans as safe for workers Lookup

3. Loan Application
– If the only credit card that up to 10 million won progress in the smartphone without Ron Speed ​​Document Review
– Up to 6,000 ten thousand won in bank interest rate levels, up to 60 months workers laid reimbursable loans
– The lowest interest rates of 7.7% superior product, top class professionals lending professionals

4. Existing customers Featured Products
 Tion trading consumer goods

5. My loan inquiry
 – Query the loan information, including personal information and transaction history

6. certification
 – Import Certificate / Certificate in Management

We promise to try to provide more convenient and optimized service through additional configuration and upgrade a variety of menus for smartphones.

※ Any user modifications (such as Prison Break, routing, etc.) from a terminal and release in any modifications (routing) smart devices sold in the state must not be used.

Thank you.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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