Handshake – Handshake collects credit card payments on any mobile phone via SMS or data.


Handshake collects credit card payments on any mobile phone via SMS or data.

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What is Handshake?
Well Handshake is world-wide patented technology that provides the safest way of processing credit card transactions. What really sets Handshake apart is the ability of collecting a credit card payment on a mobile phone without having to use data as you have the choice of using the internet or SMS. Because of its flexibility, you can collect payments in remote areas or on mobile devices with only basic connectivity or limited operations! You can even allow as many mobile phones as you like to become gateways to collecting payments for your business at the fraction of the cost of other services.

Well here’s how it works; the customer provides the merchant with only a few digits of their credit card, and their mobile number. Once the transaction is initiated via the Handshake® WebAPI, a payment request is sent to the customer’s mobile phone. The customer receives the details of the request for payment. The customer can respond via SMS, the internet or this cool Handshake App’. The customer just needs to enter the remainder of the credit card number, expiry date and security info to process the payment. With the app you can store those details for next time.

Customers feel safer as they are no longer giving all their credit card information to someone they hardly know.

Simple, fast and secure, isn’t it?


Visit handshake_com_au today and try out the free demos.

Detail information and download apk file: goo.gl/Ri33dN


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