HITbills – Money Saving App – HIT your bills, save up to 30% of money you spend every month!

HITbills - Money Saving App

HIT your bills, save up to 30% of money you spend every month!

HITbills - Money Saving App screenshot 0HITbills - Money Saving App screenshot 1HITbills - Money Saving App screenshot 2HITbills - Money Saving App screenshot 3HITbills - Money Saving App screenshot 4HITbills - Money Saving App screenshot 5

How does it work?
#1 Take pictures of your homebills (in example: invoice for electricity)
#2 The OCR recognizes consumption and send it to the anonymous auction > Companies that offers you a
better deal wins the auction > Average savings for household are 486 GBP!
#3 If the account holder will enter into a new agreement – you will receive a commission.

Advantages of reducing bills
#1 Millions of households can pay less for energy, telco, finance, insurance.
#2 HITbills solves real problem – everyone can simply take photo of bills with smartphone, app wil do comparision.
#3 Technically, OCR & reverse auction system finds the cheapest provider in area- you save money, and commision usually paid to agent goes to your pocket. Or to the neighbour, who earns with an app (it can be a job!)
#4 Moreover, app saves planet – combines localization with solar radiation map, checks if you can pay ZERO electricity bills, by one-tap solar panels ordering.

500M+ households worldwide can pay less for bills!

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/finance


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