SEPA – German IBAN Calculator & Validator.


German IBAN Calculator & Validator.

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By implementing SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) in February 2014, the conversion of the IBAN is always necessary.

Now you can easily convert the go German IBAN & BIC numbers and verify simultaneously, for which neither 3G or WiFi is required.

The SEPA app gives you around a good help for future SEPA payments by offering the following features:

Convert -BLZ / account numbers in IBAN & BIC
With the SEPA app, you can go to convert your iPhone IBAN & BIC numbers or save to your favorites if the number of future payments should still be used.

-Bank / Branches search
The app also contains an internal “Bank Find” with which they can locate any stores in Germany.

Check -IBAN numbers
If you should get a bottle IBAN number by someone, you can easily verify this application the number.

-modern Layout
The modern layout offers the user a clear overview which you need quick access to the information comes to you actually.

-My Favorites panel

Frequently used the user the same IBAN, therefore you can use the SEPA app store all your favorites so that you can avoid the conversion in the future.

-Last Results
If you have not saved the last conversions, or would like to corruptible nachgucken again, there is the possibility to look up your final results, which can be sent as an e-mail or csv file.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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