Currency exchange UA Widget – Currency alarm – threshold automatic notification

Currency exchange UA Widget

Currency alarm – threshold automatic notification

Currency exchange UA Widget screenshot 0Currency exchange UA Widget screenshot 1Currency exchange UA Widget screenshot 2Currency exchange UA Widget screenshot 3Currency exchange UA Widget screenshot 4

Widget application Currency exchange UA (Ukraine) allows fast response to changes in exchange rates in banks of Ukraine, online can display BEST, MEDIUM, WORST commercial rate, rate of NBU, interbank rate
(by currency dollar, euro, rus. ruble).

Suitable minimum size of the widget: 1×1. What can make an individual set of different types of the widgets.

Exclusive feature!
Automatic notification the threshold. For example, you do not miss a jump currency, you can set the threshold for the worst course “more than 9.50”, respectively, when the worst rate exceeds 9.50 in the status bar will be notified. This will make life easier and do not monitor each day courses manually.

Widget is clickable: left starts the application “Exchange Rates UA” (the application must be installed), right – allows you to change the configuration of the widget.

Feel free to post your suggestions or comments in or send email to

Enjoy using!

See more information and download apk file:


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