HMortgage – HMortgage – removing the biggest debt in your life quicker and saving you money.


HMortgage – removing the biggest debt in your life quicker and saving you money.

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Your mortgage is very likely to be the biggest debt that you will ever have.

Many people will just pay their minimum payment for the entire duration of the mortgage – usually 25 years.

Mortgages that allow overpayments – however small they might be – can save you lots of time and money.

This Mortgage Calculator shows you how much a mortgage will cost you per month. However, if you then decide to overpay each month, it will show you what impact this will have on your mortgage – that means you will pay the mortgage off earlier (and remove the debt completely) as well as saving money on the interest you pay to the lender.

Even small overpayments can have an interesting positive effect on the mortgage over its lifetime. Please use this program to save yourself time and money. Mortgage lenders won’t like this as it means that you aren’t in debt to them for as long and they don’t earn as much interest from you.

The program lets you input the key information about your mortgage – amount of the mortgage, the APR, the number of years (the term) and it will show you the minimum payment required to pay off that mortgage. You can then run the scenario, which loops through the payments and daily interest additions for each month of the term – showing you how, hopefully, the mortgage balance reduces to zero.

However, if you change your payment amount and calculate, it will show you how that affects your mortgage. If you pay a higher amount you would then see that the mortgage is paid off early and you end up paying less interest – all very good for you.

A UK example… a £100,000 mortgage with an APR of 3.00% over 25 years would require a minimum payment of £474.21, but if you overpay to £500.00 per month then you’d save thousands in interest and cut almost 2 years off the 25 year mortgage term. If you overpaid to £550.00 per month then you would save almost 5 years!

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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